The perfect wedding celebration calls for the perfect playlist. It needs to set the right mood—just what mood that is, of course, being entirely up to you, your betrothed, and possibly important guests.  To create the perfect wedding playlist, consider these important factors.

Mix Up Tempos

Mind the tempos and tones of the songs you select. You’ll want a good mix—after all, a long slough of slow songs will put people to sleep, but constant fast-paced tunes will diminish the romantic aspect of the evening and burn everyone out too quickly.

A good mix is typically 1 slow song to every 5 fast ones. That way, you’ll be able to build up the energy in the room, then take it down to a slow, comfortable level for a bit before pumping everyone up again.

Select Genres

A good mix of genres will help everyone feel welcome at the reception. For instance, if you play nothing but country, there will inevitably be someone in the room who will not appreciate that at all. In addition, a good mix will keep the music from getting boring over time.

When selecting genres, think on a multigenerational scale as well. You’ll have tastes from different eras, ranging from the old classics favored by your fiancé’s great aunt to the modern pop-culture songs your little cousins rock out to. They’ll enjoy your reception more if you have a good mix.

Special Songs

Make sure to involve your sweetheart and parents when selecting songs for your first dance, father-daughter dance, and other special moments. They should be dear to you and invoke a positive, powerful mood in the room when they come on.

Be You, But Be Careful

Ultimately, you want your wedding playlist to reflect you as a couple, and the songs you choose are ultimately up to the two of you. However, be careful—some songs simply aren’t appropriate for weddings. Songs with explicit lyrics or negative tones, or those that talk about serious life events such as death or divorce are obviously not the sort of music you want playing at a reception.


When putting together the perfect wedding playlist, your wedding DJ, can give you a professional perspective. The personable, professional Dallas wedding DJs at Groovy Sound Productions welcome the opportunity to work with you on create an evening that is memorable and magical. To get started planning your wedding or event, contact us today at (469) 223-5001.