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Memories of friends, laughter and love have a unique way bringing a smile to your face and warmth to your heart, long after your special event has ended. On the other hand, memories of embarrassment and regret are painful reminders of what could have been. All too often a DJ in Dallas / Fort Worth is evaluated based on price, rather than his or her qualities as a professional entertainer. A common assumption is that if a DJ has the equipment, he or she must also be a good entertainer. The truth is, a DJ’s ability to produce a great event is much more than gear and

“Our Cheap DJ Saved Us Money! But…”

Groovy Sound Productions regularly receives correspondence from happy customers. Occasionally we receive correspondence from those with regret after choosing a cheap DJ to handle the entertainment needs of their event:

  • Our DJ stopped returning our calls and emails.
  • Our DJ showed up late.
  • Our DJ showed up drunk.
  • Our DJ didn’t show up at all.
  • Our DJ was too arrogant to listen to our needs.
  • Our DJ took a better paying gig at the last second.
  • Our DJ wasn’t concerned about pre-planning our event.
  • Our DJ didn’t submit a schedule of events for our approval.
  • Our DJ mistakenly queued AC/DC during the Bridal March!

Peace of Mind

When looking back on your special day, it really isn’t the DJ you want to remember anyway; but, the DJ you choose will have a direct impact on those memories. Special events and weddings require great planning to be successful. Groovy Sound Productions is committed to partnering with you to create a smooth flowing event, with no embarrassing surprises, and no painful memories. At the end of the day is cheaper really any better? Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

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