Do you remember the good old days when MTV and VH1 actually played music videos?

Bring Back Music Videos

You can bring that back to your next event. If you want to electrify your next event add a video element by hiring a Video DJ.  In addition to the songs you know, you may also see some unique Mashup mixes with the lyrics of one genre of music and incorporating the music of another song. Both familiar songs and double the fun.  Mix them together like peanut butter and jelly.

Music Videos are Nostalgic

The video element brings back memories and often adds some nostalgia from the past.  Additionally, a Video DJ can incorporate music and video to align with a theme. For example, hosting a throwback 80’s party with parachute pants goes well with Michael Jackson videos and some old school hip hop.

Even the people that don’t dance will be watching the videos and reminiscing about that time period when the videos were being played on MTV and VH1. 

Why I started to Video DJ

I started Video DJing in 2006 when I visited Guitar Center and they showed me a demo of the Pioneer-DVJ X-1000. I was totally mesmerized watching a demo of Guns N Roses being mixed with Missy Elliott. It was like an out of body experience. LOL.

As soon as I saw the demo, I immediately called my DJ business partner and said to him in an exhilarating fashion “If we get these video turntables, I’ll be able to get us into any club in Dallas”.  We went on to host numerous exclusive events that we co hosted at the Tower Club in Dallas, became the resident DJ of numerous clubs, and I scored a contract with Harrah’s Casinos working with the promoters from Lollapalooza.

Event Planners & Promoters Love the Video DJ Effect

As soon as promoters, event planners, and nightclub owners saw that we could play and beat mix music videos controlling both the audio and the video with the DVJ turntables they were always sold. It is unique and different from the people that just play MP3s. Remember, video killed the radio star. From a DJ perspective it is really incredible to watch the crowd respond to the visual of the videos.

Electrify Your Next Event

If you want to do something different for your next event and have everyone talking about your event years later. Hire a Video DJ to energize your event and cement the memory of that event in everyone’s head for years.  I’m now getting a lot of requests from brides to provide Video DJ services for their receptions because they know it packs a punch and electrifies the event.

Ask Groovy Sound Productions about a Video DJ for your next event.