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Trade Show Entertainment

Trade shows and exhibition planners have one primary goal: generating traffic. What should be their next most important concern? Keeping that traffic. Doing so means keeping attendees engaged, and one way to achieve this is by creating a party-like atmosphere that makes it harder to leave. There are few better ways to create a party mood than audio visual entertainment that offers high energy music and entertaining visuals to keep the place jumping. Following are things to consider when selecting audio visual entertainment for your trade show or exhibition.

Visual Content and Entertainment

It’s one thing to hear music, but to see accompanying videos takes it to another level. Seeing music videos that you haven’t seen in years can instantly have your attendees feeling nostalgic and in a festive mood. Unique and professional lighting effects will help draw attendees in and create just the right atmosphere, be it elegant and upscale, or high energy and festive. And custom Gobos will provide that special, sophisticated touch to your décor that takes it to the next level.

Crowd Engagement Activities

Have you ever considered having a photo booth at your trade show or exhibition? There’s a reason photo booths have been around for nearly 100 years—because they’re awesome! They magically bring out your inner goofy, and capture great, memorable times with friends or co-workers. Oh, and there’s no better ice breaker. If bringing in and keeping foot traffic is the goal, hiring an AV entertainment company who can provide a photo booth will do the trick.

Extensive Music Video Library

Remember, the idea is to keep attendees engaged, so utilizing a DJ or AV entertainment  company who takes requests will help accomplish that goal. But requests only work if they can be fulfilled. Someone continually says No, I don’t have that one isn’t taking requests, he’s just providing confirmation about his poor music collection. If you’re thinking about audio visual entertainment for your trade show or exhibition, give Groovy Sound Productions a call today at (469) 223-5001. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide insight on how to keep the foot traffic coming and staying.

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