While you are planning your next event and evaluating decor you should consider incorporating colorful uplighting.

Venues require some customization and decor to make your event shine. One of the best ways to “warm the room” and create ambience is to use uplighting. 

Uplighting is used to accent architecture and in many cases the colors can set the tone for the event and enhance the mood. 

For example, at a wedding you can use different colors throughout the evening to set the mood to mirror the timeline. During cocktail hour, you can use white or match the colors of your wedding.  For your introduction, you can use white to brighten up the room, catch the attention of the guests, and make the grand entrance for the bride and groom. In order to create a relaxed tone during dinner, try using a light blue or cyan color. Blue is a calming color and will relax your guests. When it is time to open up the dance floor you can change the colors to red or use some pattern lighting to increase the energy indicating it’s party time.  Red is hot and will indicate to your guests it’s time to pick up the energy and head to the dance floor.

There are many types of uplighting that require power cords and cords to receive programming commands. At Groovy Sound Productions, we’ve actually invested in the latest high-tech Chauvet lights that are self powered, are 100% wireless using their own network, and can be controlled and changed using an ipad. The best part about these lights is that there are no cords for people to trip over during your event. When you are considering uplighting for your event, ask the vendor if the lights are 100% wireless and if it will be easy for them to change the color or pattern of the lights.

Pricing will vary based on the number of lights, the type of lights and what you are needing done. Although a rough estimate on pricing is approximately $25-50 per light.

Ask Groovy Sound Productions how they can incorporate lighting to enhance and control the ambience of your next event.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at Groovy Sound Productions.