Your wedding is a unique opportunity that often only comes around once in a lifetime. Every wedding is a rare chance to bring together an entire family for one celebration. It’s also your chance to make a ceremony completely centered around you and your spouse-to-be. From lighting and music to dresses and seating cards, there are plenty of ways to customize your wedding reception and truly make it your own.


With so much time and money going into wedding planning, you want every aspect of the reception to be perfect. A common regret of brides and grooms is not getting all of the entertainment they want. Don’t be afraid of spending a little extra for music to set the right mood and represent both of your interests.

Customizing elements such as your dance floor is a unique way to have a great time during the night’s celebration. One idea is to use gobos: light stencils that can be projected onto the dance floor in various designs. Project hearts, a symbol of the bride and groom, or something more abstract – you and your guests are sure to remember it.

For music, you can follow tradition – such as string or piano music – while still adding a unique touch. Consider a classic approach to a modern hit song you and your spouse love. DJs and musicians are flexible in their performances, and there’s no end to the unique spins you can put on your entertainment. You can even write your own customized song to be performed at the reception, which is a great way to highlight the newlyweds.

Music is an important element in wedding ceremonies. Sometimes a DJ may be a better choice than a band, for example, by providing a wider range of services and music choices – whether classic instruments or modern hits. A DJ can also provide MC services to announce important events and make sure everyone knows when dinner is served, the cake is being cut, and much more.


You want a great venue for your wedding reception. Lighting is a huge component of setting a scene, and it doesn’t pay to cut back on the lighting for your wedding. Some DJs, such as Groovy Sound Productions in Dallas, offer an elite service combination of MC, lighting engineer, and music.

Lighting can spice up your dance floor and ceremony from beginning to end. Good use of your environment creates the ambiance you desire – from classy and traditional, to modern and trendy. Hiring a great lighting engineer is crucial to give the vibe you want and can stage the scene to enhance your entire night.

About Groovy Sound Productions

Groovy Sound Productions offers premier Dallas-area wedding DJ services. A top-quality entertainment provider, Groovy Sound sets the bar high for your wedding and offers services beyond music production.  We offer A/V engineers, music, video, lighting, and MC services for brides and grooms who want the best.