Dallas DJ FAQs

Q: Does Groovy Sound Productions have more than one DJ?
A: Yes. Groovy Sound Productions is a professional corporation with a staff of talented DJs in Dallas.

Q: How far in advance should we book Groovy Sound Productions?
A: Depending on availability and type of event, we can be booked anywhere between two weeks and two years in advance. Most wedding receptions and corporate events are booked between 6 and 18 months in advance.

Q: How will you know what I want?
A: Even before you decide to hire us, we will arrange a personal meeting with you. With the Groovy Sound Productions detailed event planner list, we will sit down and discuss all aspects of your event including the mood and tone of the party, guests, requests, and special announcements.

Q: How many appointments can I make with Groovy Sound Productions?
A: Typically, we personally meet with a client one to two times; the initial meeting when you book, and at least one month prior to the event to set all the specific details. After gaining a comfort level by meeting in person, many of the details and questions you have can be handled over the phone and email. We will be happy to consult with you as many times as you like.

Q: What types of music do you have?
b We have thousands of songs from just about any music genre you can imagine. Top 40, Hip Hop, Old Country, New Country, Blues, Reggae, Big Band, and music from the 50s, 60s, 70, 80s.

Q: Can we pick what music gets played?
A: Yes, we will meet ahead of time and discuss genres of music based on your preferences and the demographics of your guests. Specific songs for formalities, such as announcements or toasts, will be arranged ahead of time. Throughout your event, our DJs will use their savvy at reading the crowd to keep the dance floor full.

Q: Can we make a DO-NOT-PLAY list?
A: Yes! Along with a playlist you can make a DO-NOT-PLAY list, including any song titles, artists, or styles of music you would not like to hear there!

Q: Does the DJ take breaks?
A: For events four hours or longer, the DJ may take a short break, during which time, the DJ assistant will take over. Music will be playing throughout your event regardless of a DJ break.

Q: Do you provide back-up equipment, DJ or staff?
A: We have an established contingency plan for DJs, equipment and transportation, so you can rest assured in the rare care the unexpected should happen, the show will go on without missing a beat.

Q: How many hours can the DJ’s play?
A: We will discuss this when planning and coordinating your event. Parties typically last between four to six hours.

Q: What will my DJ wear to the event?
A: Our DJs dress appropriately based your event; business casual, coat and tie, or tuxedo if requested for formal events.

Q: Do you use professional equipment?
A: Yes. We have spared no expense using cutting edge equipment from Mackie, Pioneer, Technics, Rane-Serato, Denon, Shure and Mac Book Pro. High quality professional A/V equipment often separates the pros from the amateurs.

Q: Do you have special effects equipment such as fog machines or bubble machines?
A: Yes. Be sure to check with your banquet facility to verify they allow them (some do not).

Q: Does the DJ have a lighting set up?
A: Yes, we have several lighting set-ups ranging from simple colored floodlights to special effect lighting. When we meet with you prior to your event, we will discuss with which one, if any, would be most appropriate for your type of event.

Q: Is set-up time included in your price?
A: Yes, setting up and or breaking down of equipment is included in the price. We only charge only for the actual time we play. We typically arrive one to two hours before the event and will be ready to start before your first guest walks through the door.

Q: How much is the deposit for booking?
A: The deposit to reserve your date is 25 %. This secures everything and the balance is due the night of your reception. Final payment is acceptable the date of your reception or any time before.

Q: Is your DJ insured?
A: Yes. Groovy Sound Productions is fully insured. Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

Q: Do you have a written contract?
A: Yes. We will confirm your booking in writing and review the details of your contract together.

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