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Unique Dallas Wedding Venues

If you’re looking to break off from tradition and celebrate your wedding in a new, unique way, there are many venues in Dallas that will be sure to deliver. Each of these venues departs from the norm while still providing a superb experience that you and your sweetheart will remember for a lifetime.

Union Station

Union Station has long held an integral place in Dallas’s history. After its renovations in 2008, it is now used to send newlyweds off on their journey together, and boasts unique architecture that calls back to the days of its original construction. The station offers a wide range of rooms that accommodate parties of all sizes, from 10 people to over 800.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Granite terraces, masterpiece sculptures, and magnificent gardens all make the indoor-outdoor spaces available at Nasher Sculpture Center a serene spot for your wedding. They offer a wide variety of options as well as custom catering, and you can even include a “whole center” experience in which your guests can view the indoor galleries after hours.

Fashion Industry Gallery

Boasting polished floors, exposed brick walls, and attractive lighting (both from within and without), the Fashion Industry Gallery provides a modern, high-profile aesthetic to your wedding celebration. The options are limitless, allowing for any number of guests from a handful up to nearly 2,000.

Ashton Gardens

If a serene, woodland setting sounds like your ideal wedding spot, the Ashton Gardens are an excellent choice. The privately-owned forest envelops a glass-enclosed chapel, fountains, and courtyards in an awe-inspiring natural setting, making it popular with many couples.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

A state-of-the-art gallery, various exhibition halls, various outdoor areas, and a theater with space for nearly 300 people make the Perot Museum of Nature and Science an excellent and wholly unique spot for those looking to tie the knot. This venue is capable of hosting roughly 400 guests, allowing for larger celebrations.

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