When it’s time to plan your wedding, party, or special event you’ll be faced with the question, “Should I hire a DJ or a band?” Both certainly have their merits, so it’s a decision you should make carefully by considering the pros and cons of each.  The following are some of the things to consider when determining whether you should hire a DJ or band for your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Custom Song Selection

DJ’s can play the exact music you want. Hearing a band stumble through your favorite Earth, Wind and Fire song without a brass section or the right vocalist can leave attendees shooting each other sideways looks and smirks. If you want to mix in songs from a bygone era, like big band, good luck with the band’s rendition.

Volume Adjustments

DJ’s can easily adjust their volume. With bands, it’s not as simple; you’ll get their rehearsal-level volume. Telling them to turn it down means all microphones and instruments have to be perfectly adjusted and synced on the fly. Doing so might greatly distort their intended sound.

Break(s) in the Action

Bands take breaks, DJs don’t. If the dance floor is full of giddy guests, the last thing you’ll want to hear is, “We’re going to take a quick break.” DJs can keep the music, energy and movement going indefinitely.

Back-up Plan

Reliable, credible DJs always have a backup plan in the event an emergency prevents them from working your event. If a band cancels, trying to find good one at the last minute is next to impossible. And if you can find one last minute, their open booking date(s) should give you an accurate assessment of their talent.


If entertainment costs are a concern, consider this: hiring a good band can easily cost you triple—probably more—what it will cost to hire a great DJ who’s at the top of their game.

If you’re trying to determine whether to hire a band or a DJ for your special event in Dallas and nearby areas, give Groovy Sound Productions a call today. They’ll be happy to share with you exactly how they can make your special event remembered for years to come.