A wedding reception isn’t complete without great music. The bridal party and guests alike look forward to the reception to let loose, have fun, and celebrate on the dance floor with the bride and groom. If you want to create the “perfect” wedding reception playlist to get everyone moving, start here – with tips from the seasoned Dallas/Fort Worth wedding DJs at Groovy Sound Productions.

Choose Your Tone or Theme

You can make most of your music-related reception decisions based on the all-around tone or theme of your big day. If you’re going for timeless and old-fashioned, for example, you can craft your playlist based on hits from the ‘50s and ‘60s. A playful party reception, on the other hand, might do better with today’s pop hits. Setting the tone for your reception can set the stage for the rest of your major music choices.

Think of the Crowd in Attendance

Next, tailor your wedding reception playlist to what your guests will want to hear. If you’re hosting an intimate reception for family and close friends only and know you will have mostly older guests, pick music that speaks to this audience. Of course, include songs you want to hear and dance to as well, but the main focus should be on giving your reception guests a good time. If your guests are happy, your reception is a success!

Go With Proven Hits

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with popular wedding songs. You know the ones – Thousand Years by Christina Perri, All of Me by John Legend, and hate-it-or-love it line dances like the Cupid Shuffle and the Electric Slide. There are plenty of places online you can find the top trending wedding songs of the day, including Spotify’s culmination of the songs added most often to wedding playlists in each state. Even if some songs on the list make you roll your eyes, your guests are sure to jump out of their seats when “their” song comes on.

Hire an Experienced Wedding DJ

Want to make your reception a guaranteed night to remember? Hire an experienced wedding DJ to keep spirits high with a constant stream of perfect, well-thought-out hits based on your unique tastes, audience, and desires. The right DJ can set the tone and keep the party grooving all night long. Groovy Sound Productions of Dallas  can take care of playlist-building for you, making sure to include the must-plays and the absolutely-do-not-plays based on your preferences. Get in touch with us to discuss your dream wedding reception playlist!