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It’s almost that time of the year when you get to show your co-workers you’re actually a fun person and can party with the best of them. Yes, the corporate holiday party is right around the corner. And if you’re tasked with planning it, the last thing you’ll want to hear the next morning at work is murmurings about how dull it was. If you’re worried that the holiday party you’re planning will be a sad, lifeless event, there’s one sure-fire way to inject fun and energy into the festivities ─ hire a DJ.

The following are things to consider if you’ve decided that a DJ will be the perfect tonic to protect against those boring holiday parties of the past.

Make sure the Corporate Holiday Party DJ is familiar with the Venue

If the holiday party will be at a hotel or another place open to the public, find out if they’ve worked that room before. If they haven’t, no problem; just make sure they either tour the venue or have a strategy in place that makes event customization easy.

Get References

You want to do everything you can to make this party a memorable event. One of the best ways to ensure you’ve hired the right corporate DJ is by asking for references, then contacting them. Tell them about the party you’re trying to plan and ask them if they think the DJ would be right for that type of event.

How Many DJ Hours Come with the Cost?

Understand exactly how long the DJ will be working the event. If the party’s rocking, you don’t want to see the DJ packing up their gear soon after the dance floor is finally covered with reveling co-workers.

What is the DJ’s Backup Plan in the event of Illness or Equipment Failure?

Find out what backup plan the DJ has in place. What will they do if an emergency prevents them from working your holiday party? And what happens if they experience equipment failure? Do they have backup equipment to handle such an emergency?

Does the DJ offer add-on services?

The idea of the holiday party is to ensure your co-workers have a great time, let their hair down and enjoy a memorable evening. Ask what other options the party DJ can provide, such as special lighting effects, a fog machine, or a time-honored favorite: the photo booth.

Ask the DJ if they do Song Requests

Everybody gets in the mood to dance when they hear the song(s) that get them moving. Ask the DJ if they take requests from the party goers. If they won’t, it probably means they don’t have a very extensive music library.

If you’ve been tasked with helping to plan your upcoming holiday party, give Groovy Sound Productions a call today at (469) 223-5001. They’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to make the good cheer from your holiday party last for months.

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