There are few days you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and there’s one that unquestionably falls into that category: your wedding day.

You want your guests to leave thinking they’ve just been witness to one of the most fantastic, joyful wedding celebrations in memory. While getting everything just right is priority one, the following essential questions to ask a wedding DJ will help you get the perfect one for this all-important day.

Can I have 3 or 4 Customer References?

Always get a handful of former customers who’ve used them, then call them. A lot of people gather the references and trust they’ll have nothing but positive things to say. While this might be true, it’s best to utilize any resources you have; they can help bring to light things to think about that might not have crossed your mind.

Have you worked at this particular reception venue before?

Each venue is different, so it’s important to understand if the DJ has worked this particular location. If they haven’t does not have to be a deal killer, but find out what they’re prepared to do in the event this is an unfamiliar venue. For instance, will they first review the location and come up with a plan of attack?

How many Hours are Included in the Cost?

Understand exactly how many hours are included in the cost of the DJ service. You won’t want to see them packing up their equipment while the guests are still having a great time. Asking this question will prevent you from incurring any additional, extended-length fees.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

In the event they have to cancel, ensure their cancellation policy jibes with whatever will give you time to obtain another DJ service.

What is Your Backup Plan if they’re Sick or there’s Equipment Failure?

Ask about their backup plan, what they’ll do if an emergency will prevent them from performing at your reception. If they come down with the flu the day of the reception, what plan will they have in place? Also, what happens if some, or all, of their equipment decides to stop working? Do they have backup equipment to handle such an emergency?

Do You Offer any other Services?

In the event you’d like any special effects, such as particular lighting or a fog machine, can they accommodate the request? And if they say they can, make sure and ask if they have experience with these effects so your wedding won’t serve as their training ground.

How do you Customize the Music Experience?

Ask how they’ll ensure the music selection will properly reflect the guests and the wedding couple?

Do You Do Song Requests?

Asking if they handle song requests will give you an idea of their music catalogue. If they blanche at the thought of offering song requests, it might be an indication they don’t have a very deep music library.

How do you Get People on the Dance Floor?

Finding out how they’ll tackle an empty dance floor is an important question to ask. Nobody wants to see music, flashing lights, and a large, vacant dance floor.

Why are you my Best Choice for a Wedding DJ?

It’s a simple, but longstanding sales question: why are you the best choice? This is a great subjective question, and will give you an idea of what they feel their strengths are.

It’s your big day, and selecting the right DJ for your wedding shouldn’t be considered any less important than other decision you’ll have to make. After all, the wedding reception is the very last takeaway guests will have. You’ll want them leaving with the feeling that they just attended one of the best celebrations they’ve enjoyed in years.

If you’re looking for a professional who can address the essential questions to ask a wedding DJ, contact Groovy Sound Productions today.