When planning your wedding, getting the music right is so important. Music will set the tone for the affair, creating just the right ambiance. When deciding on music for your wedding, you might be choosing between hiring a DJ or engineering the music yourself with a pre-constructed wedding playlist and some speakers.


To start off, it really is a matter of priorities. If dancing, or music overall, is not going to be a big part of your wedding celebration, then you might be able to scrape by with DIY wedding music. This may also be a good option if your budget is so paper thin that you are slashing just about everything. Then, playing your own music off of your phone or i-pod may make the most sense.

On the other hand, if you want to create the perfect ambiance with music that suits you and your betrothed perfectly, but is still flexible enough to adapt to the energy and mood of the guests, a full-service DJ is the way to go.

Keep People Dancing

Good DJ’s know how to keep a crowd going, and they have the resources to do it. They have nearly limitless music at their disposal, and they know how to read a crowd and adjust the tone for exactly what’s needed at any given moment. Adjustments to tone and pace are seamless, and they’ll be able to keep the right mood going without awkward pauses or breaks.

You also get the ability to make specific requests and get a bit of spontaneity thrown in, making a DJ a massive benefit to the flow and energy at your reception.


On top of keeping the dancing going at your wedding, DJ’s offer additional services. In particular, they can act as MC for your wedding, announcing your arrival, quieting the crowd for toasts, making sure everyone sees you cut the cake, etc. A great DJ can skillfully weave these important events in with great music to create a seamless celebration.

A wedding DJ will also handle the setup and takedown for their equipment, meaning you don’t have to set up your own sound system or worry about how it will work once everything gets started. This can reduce the stress involved in planning your ceremony and celebration while also ensuring high quality sound production on your special day.

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